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The Radio Amateurs Emergency Network (RAYNET) is a network of amateur radio operators who volunteer to provide emergency communication services during natural disasters, accidents, and other emergencies. Raynet works closely with government agencies, emergency response organizations, and other volunteer groups to provide reliable and effective communication in times of crisis.

Raynet members are trained to set up and operate portable radio equipment and to provide emergency communication services in a variety of situations. They can help relay messages between emergency responders, coordinate the movement of people and supplies, and provide communication links between affected areas and outside resources.

Central Lancashire Raynet (CLR)

CLR Trailer

We are a group of Radio Amateurs who mainly provide emergency communication to support the emergency services, local councils and responders within the Central Lancashire area.

After any disaster or an emergency normal lines of communications such as mobile telephones and landlines may be down. It is possible that even emergency services communications are down or just overloaded with the volume of traffic. Our group trains to provide communications to the services that need it.

Events help to raise funds for the group which is used for equipment. We do not charge for helping at events so rely on the event organisers making a donation to our group funds. The group has some equipment of its own but the majority of the time the members use their own equipment at their own cost.

Resources for CLR members

Requesting an account

To request an account on this wiki CLR members can complete the following form: Request Account.

Members-only pages

More information


If you are interested in joining then you can find out more on our dedicated Joining page. You can also get more information about RAYNET on the national RAYNET-UK web site .

You can also make contact with us via this form

Repeaters near us

The following repeaters cover our area

  • GB3PN Analogue and Tetra
    • QRG Downlink: 430.950, Uplink: 438.550, CTCSS 82.5

The North West Frequency Plan might also be of interest.

Previous events

Here are some photos.

Through the villages 2021

Through the villages 2021

Amblezarke Amble 2022

Anglezarke Amble 2022
Eddy and parrot 2022

Amblezarke Amble 2024

Jason enjoying the refreshments

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